Indescribable Light

It only appears at a certain time in the afternoon on the border between Summer and Autumn, when it’s been a clear day and you’re traipsing through the countryside. It’s that indescribable light, that is utterly beautiful, warm like melted gold and silky on your cheeks.

Sometimes you’re lucky to catch it and you can’t do anything but capture it however you can…a camera does it pretty well, but I wish I had a bottle to lock it all inside.

My bike needed a few portraits too, it hadn’t had much attention in a few weeks!

The black cockatoos were squawking above my head and dropping pine cones onto the dirt road.There was a cute black calf by the dam edge…and everything was perfect. Except my photos…but ah well, one can only try!

Find something indescribable and savour it.


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