Perhaps it’s my age

At the ripe old age of sixteen, I feel I am beginning to see more of the world around me. Yes, the first Shrek movie came out 12 years ago and I remember seeing it for the first time. Yes, all the kids I knew in primary school have almost all gone to high school. Yes, I am now driving. Yes, I remember John Howard as prime minister and George Bush as president. Yes, I am still very young but I am starting to feel…older!

With this ‘age’ comes appreciation for the beauty that is around me and for how lucky I am to live where I do. On a bus to Canberra yesterday, with the wattle in full bloom, I smiled. Out in the garden on the weekend, I was quick to fetch my camera to document the first prunus blossoms on the tree and hellebore flowers. I’ve been soaking in the autumnal sunshine by lying out on the hot bricks and grass at lunch. I watch in awe as the wind whips up the trees in a frenzy of ecstasy. Somehow all of this has suddenly appeared on my doorstep, finally ready for me to say “Yes! I’ll look and I’ll enjoy you” Perhaps that’s what happens when you get older!

So here are some flowers…nothing special. I hope you enjoy them and that you too are enjoying the world around you, wherever you may be.

Much love,

E x

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