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Appreciation of my world

Apologies for the length between posts…school happened to get in the way! We’ve had the joy of late to spend time with some beautiful French exchange girls. Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing… Continue reading

Sweetly Serendipitous

A little bit of screaming, quite a bit of sunshine and a whole lot of fun! When spending the day out in Sydney, walking across the bridge, soaking in the views, showing our… Continue reading

Liquorice Allsorts

A mixture of photos from yet another trip to Sydney. To you, it may seem I go out and about a lot…but actually the opposite is true! I am a homebody at heart,… Continue reading

The BS on “Texture”

“Texture”. We use the term so loosely in the art and photography world. What do we mean by it? Why do we say it? Is it important? Can you see texture, or is… Continue reading

Bonfire Night

The much anticipated night arrived. The family gathered. We rugged up. Bike stands were unlocked and pedals pushed. The dog let off the chain. The food prepared. The drinks carried over. The match… Continue reading

les oeufs de Pâques

Did the Easter bunny bring them…or perhaps the bells of France….or did the fairies hide them in your garden? I can’t decide which makes me smile more: seeing the glittery wrappers up a… Continue reading

Seagull Sunsets

Sunset walks along the beach are truly magical. The seagulls swooped and dipped above our heads, seemingly enjoying the peachy sky as much as we were. The photos are blurry, but I kind… Continue reading

Old Habits

There is something about habits that makes them very hard to break…like taking pictures of flowers…especially after it’s rained. It’s how I fell in love with photography and I suppose I should appreciate… Continue reading

Shoes and Sunnies

Just chilling on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon, ideas swirl and suddenly you’re down on your knees taking pictures of your shoes and sunnies. Who knows what possessed you?! Shoes with holes… Continue reading

Tuk tuk riding

There’s something very special about travelling. The moments that you just happen upon that will stay with you for a lifetime. I’m just home from my three week trip to Vietnam and Laos… Continue reading

Fading playground

Can you remember back to when you were about 3 or 4 years old? Can you remember visiting the local park, at least 3 times a week? Can you remember having to get… Continue reading