So, here I am again. I seem to do this regularly. Starting blogs that is. My last one was pretty good, lasted a while and then got left by the wayside. I said I’d give it a fresh start, but decided it needed a new face…that’s why I’m here. I used to be a ‘Photos and Me’ girl, but the bad grammar of that title was beginning to bug me, and I’ve grown up too much to not realise that photos aren’t about me any more. They’re about so much more, so many more people, so many more experiences. I think photos don’t ‘tell a thousand words’, I think they send a message. Sometimes it’s just a one word message. Don’t ever say you ‘hate’ a photograph, because one that’s rude, and two maybe it’s just your perception. Every photographer has their own eye, their own message and it’s probably you who’s just not getting it.

Photography isn’t an easy way of getting into an art class. It’s a skill. A career. A pass time. An enjoyment. A love. It takes so much hard work to get a perfect photo. Some people are lucky enough to get those pretty often, the rest of us have to try a lot harder. I love photography because there is always going to be so much to learn. So many techniques, subjects, places, cameras, styles, colours, effects to use and learn about, that the topic is truly endless. Photography can take you places you may never go, then again it can get you out into the world to see things differently. I’ve called this little place, where I’ll post anything and everything about my photos, Ellipsis. An ellipsis is one of these things ‘…’. A dot, dot , dot! Goes on forever, a pause, a break, a breath, infinity. All of those things. I use them a lot when I write, but they also symbolise to me what a photo’s message is. One of infinite power, memories that go way back, thoughts that never end, a time to pause and think about something.

So, my name is Evie. I’m still in highschool. Photography is not only my hobby now, but hopefully something that will become more serious one day. And here, at Ellipsis photography, is where I will share my passion.

E x