If you’re here, you obviously want to know a little more about me…so here goes.

  • Family means everything to me
  • Teal is less of a favourite colour and more of an obsession
  • Writing makes things simpler
  • I’m messy
  • Food is more than a necessity, it is fun and smiley and home and love and amazing
  • Travel is all I dream of
  • Language is all I want to learn (I currently learn French, hope to pick up Spanish again soon and am planning on doing Mandarin or Thai in a few years!)
  • An outfit isn’t perfect without sunglasses or earrings
  • I have a great dislike of sandwiches
  • I’m a grammar nazi
  • I’m a dancer at heart and have learnt almost 10 different styles
  • Love is so complicated…and yet so beautiful
  • I’ve eaten some crazy things – jelly fish, crickets, snails, frogs and new born squid!
  • I read like there’s no tomorrow because I know I’ll never read all the books in the world that I want to
  • When I take a moment to look around I see everything as I would like to photograph it, not as a whole but in little pieces
  • I love summer sunshine, I love autumn clothes, I love winter fires, I love what spring does to people’s faces
  • Boho is my style
  • My best friend and I are often confused as twins
  • If I’m sad my friends buy me ice cream
  • I often wonder about growing up and what it will be like
  • I have no pets
  • I wonder whether anyone will ever read this far down the list!

E x