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Dear Friends, You have my apologies, I have been on a long hiatus from this blog, but not, I’ll have you know, from photography. Many things have happened since I last wrote so… Continue reading

Sweetly Serendipitous

A little bit of screaming, quite a bit of sunshine and a whole lot of fun! When spending the day out in Sydney, walking across the bridge, soaking in the views, showing our… Continue reading

The Importance of being Glorious

It is holidays! A ha, the wonderfulness begins you say!? Well I agree dear reader…it does indeed. 3 days filled with the reading of Oscar Wilde as a backdrop to glorious weather of… Continue reading

Liquorice Allsorts

A mixture of photos from yet another trip to Sydney. To you, it may seem I go out and about a lot…but actually the opposite is true! I am a homebody at heart,… Continue reading

The BS on “Texture”

“Texture”. We use the term so loosely in the art and photography world. What do we mean by it? Why do we say it? Is it important? Can you see texture, or is… Continue reading

Hey City Look at me

City windows and buildings and lights and leaves and fountains…smile for the camera! Walking around the streets of Sydney, attempting to find the photos. David Jones pottering, the incessant feeling that you’ll be… Continue reading

les oeufs de Pâques

Did the Easter bunny bring them…or perhaps the bells of France….or did the fairies hide them in your garden? I can’t decide which makes me smile more: seeing the glittery wrappers up a… Continue reading

Dangerous Night Walks

The Nation’s Capital at night can be a dangerous place…I’m only kidding! I spent a lovely weekend in Canberra a few weeks back and enjoyed it immensely. We were walking home from dinner… Continue reading

Bokeh Books

Some of you may be surprised to hear that a teenage girl like me reads books. Not only do I read books, and a lot of them, I read old ones too! Gasp… Continue reading

Call Me A Cheater

I will admit straight out…I took these pictures about 5 months ago. Sorry, I know…but is it really that bad? You haven’t seen them yet! There are some from a plane ride, some… Continue reading

Sideways Scuttles

Discovering new places and new creatures is always exciting, but discovering both in one is even better! We whizzed around on our boat to a little beach around the corner and were amazed… Continue reading

Odd Reflections

I’ve had a busy few days at home, enjoying trail bike rides, bubbles, baby playing, food and outings! Below are some pictures of the bush reflected in the car windows, some using a… Continue reading

Summer loving

Family. Sunshine. Swimming. Eating. Playing. Laughing. Jumping. Cooking. Singing. Sewing. Smiling. Photo taking. That’s been my holiday so far, as you can tell it’s been pretty darn amazing! I’ve been lazing in the… Continue reading

City Secrets

I think I’ve discovered the secret to black and white photography. However I think if you go and read any other blog, or book, or website on the topic, you’ll quickly realise that… Continue reading

Spring Swirls

“There must be something more interesting than taking a photo of a flower with it in the centre of the shot” said I to myself on a windy Saturday afternoon. And I do… Continue reading

Shoes and Sunnies

Just chilling on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon, ideas swirl and suddenly you’re down on your knees taking pictures of your shoes and sunnies. Who knows what possessed you?! Shoes with holes… Continue reading

Ice, rain and green…

Walking through a stunning rainforest, listening to a little waterfall outside your bedroom window at night, living it rough, sitting in awe of views that stretch from the mountains to the sea and… Continue reading

Fading playground

Can you remember back to when you were about 3 or 4 years old? Can you remember visiting the local park, at least 3 times a week? Can you remember having to get… Continue reading

Easter Beaching

Easter. Wow, that was a long time ago.  A whole term. Golly time flies doesn’t it? Well, I may as well post these photos now, before these holidays take over. I spent a… Continue reading

Biking in black and white

Today I was out on another of my regular bike rides, and again I took my camera. I’d pedalled up a steep hill and had a great idea for a shot showing my gear whatsit… Continue reading