les oeufs de Pâques

Did the Easter bunny bring them…or perhaps the bells of France….or did the fairies hide them in your garden?

I can’t decide which makes me smile more: seeing the glittery wrappers up a tree or in a crevice, a child’s absolute delight in finding them…or embarrassingly, my own joy in finding some Easter eggs for myself!

Added in to this small collection of bright egg pictures, is a colourful teal swirl of shaving cream. Yes I did say teal! Oh….you weren’t excited about that bit? Ahh…you were curious about the shaving cream?! Sorry. My teal obsession is getting in the way!

Well my cousins and I dyed some real chicken eggs for our Easter lunch table centrepiece, they didn’t turn out quite as well as the ones in the instructions (http://www.simplynotable.com/2013/dyed-easter-egg-roll/ – check it out, it’s great!)…but they had the potential 🙂 Plus, making the mess was fun and teal and photo worthy!

Enjoy your weekend!

E x

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