Appreciation of my world

Apologies for the length between posts…school happened to get in the way! We’ve had the joy of late to spend time with some beautiful French exchange girls. Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing them to the wonders of our Australian bush… We walked down to a beautiful area filled with lush ferns, a little waterful and a pool to skip rocks in. There, where he sunlight filters through the criss crossed leaves we all took a moment to breathe in the smell of the eucalypts. I saw the place through a foreigner’s eyes… A strange and wondrous beauty that is so distant to anything she’d ever seen before.

As the glorious sunshine faded to dusk and then to darkness…our crazy group of ten teenagers assembled around the bonfire in the back paddock. Here we chatted, ate in happy silence, yelled, swung on the tyre swing, told old stories, ran around, roasted marshmallows and made smores. We tossed sparklers from one end of the paddock to the other like mini shooting stars in the inky sky. We taught our visitors our traditions and they shared theirs. Perhaps we let them see that even though Australian schools aren’t as strict and we’re not as overloaded with homework….that doesn’t mean we’re worse off. Because here, we have the opportunity to hang out, have fun and create memories every weekend.

I think we all appreciated our little worlds a bit more. It’s hard not to on days like this.

E x

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