Little pieces of the big picture

A school excursion to Pyrmont in Sydney on Friday proved to be a gloriously sunny day! We wandered amongst buildings both derelict and renewed. We watched fish swim under the wharf we lounged on. We tramped up and down streets and paused in parks with views. We clogged up side walk traffic as we diligently wrote about the world around us. Finally, we ate sorbet in contented silence and jumped onto the bus to head home.

The big picture is often hard to capture…at least, for me it is. So below, are the little pieces of the architecture, park and the view… I did quite a bit of editing – hopefully for the better! I’m in love with cross-processing at the moment and graduated tints that can really add colour to an image.

Along with bits of Sydney is a ‘little piece’ of my garden – a green beetle. He was discovered by my Dad and instantly brought to me for my inspection. We hung out like old friends for half an hour and he was kind enough to pose for some photographs too! I caught him in mid-run which I was immensely proud of because he was such a speedy little fellow!

I hope you enjoy the coming week…

Much love,

E x

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