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Dear Friends, You have my apologies, I have been on a long hiatus from this blog, but not, I’ll have you know, from photography. Many things have happened since I last wrote so… Continue reading

Little pieces of the big picture

A school excursion to Pyrmont in Sydney on Friday proved to be a gloriously sunny day! We wandered amongst buildings both derelict and renewed. We watched fish swim under the wharf we lounged… Continue reading

Appreciation of my world

Apologies for the length between posts…school happened to get in the way! We’ve had the joy of late to spend time with some beautiful French exchange girls. Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing… Continue reading

Sweetly Serendipitous

A little bit of screaming, quite a bit of sunshine and a whole lot of fun! When spending the day out in Sydney, walking across the bridge, soaking in the views, showing our… Continue reading

The Importance of being Glorious

It is holidays! A ha, the wonderfulness begins you say!? Well I agree dear reader…it does indeed. 3 days filled with the reading of Oscar Wilde as a backdrop to glorious weather of… Continue reading

Spilt salt

You know how there’s always a few grains of salt left on the dinner table after you’ve all eaten? Are they called grains? I have no idea! Any way, you’re meant to chuck… Continue reading

Don’t Call Me A Trainspotter

I’ve entered a competition. Oh dear! Nothing exciting is going to come of it…but it was a challenge for me and pushed me out of my little cushiony teal-lined comfort zone! The Sydney… Continue reading

To tide you over

And a little bit of sunrise to tide you over for the day… The colours are phenomenal…I could see the orange tint through my window very early in the morning. I leaped out… Continue reading

Liquorice Allsorts

A mixture of photos from yet another trip to Sydney. To you, it may seem I go out and about a lot…but actually the opposite is true! I am a homebody at heart,… Continue reading

All the time

“Oh wow, what a beautiful sunset!” I said to my little cousins as we sat on the side of a deserted road waiting for my uncle. “Yeah, we get these all the time”… Continue reading

Stop taking photos!

“Stop taking pictures E!” said my cousin. Not getting enough attention obviously, or perhaps I wasn’t playing ninjas well enough or he was sick of me saying “SMILE!”. I’ve been out west for… Continue reading

Hey City Look at me

City windows and buildings and lights and leaves and fountains…smile for the camera! Walking around the streets of Sydney, attempting to find the photos. David Jones pottering, the incessant feeling that you’ll be… Continue reading

Indescribable Light

It only appears at a certain time in the afternoon on the border between Summer and Autumn, when it’s been a clear day and you’re traipsing through the countryside. It’s that indescribable light,… Continue reading

When busy enters your weekend

A 4 day long weekend. One heck of a lot achieved! I was awoken on Saturday by the laughter of my cousins, we drove out to a mate’s farm to look at the… Continue reading

Dangerous Night Walks

The Nation’s Capital at night can be a dangerous place…I’m only kidding! I spent a lovely weekend in Canberra a few weeks back and enjoyed it immensely. We were walking home from dinner… Continue reading

Bright lights and big scares!

Ahhh the Easter Show. Who would miss it?! Well me apparently, since I haven’t been until now! It was an extremely fun day… a train ride, 6 friends, too much sugar, super scary… Continue reading

Same Same But Different

Same, same but different…A phrase my group of friends and I have been known to use more often than not after our trip to Vietnam and Laos last year. If you’ve travelled to… Continue reading

Mr Lifesaver

Good old Wollongong beach, where the ships sit out on the horizon, each bigger than the one before. Where the surf crashes and the sand is packed with people after a sweltering day… Continue reading

Sideways Scuttles

Discovering new places and new creatures is always exciting, but discovering both in one is even better! We whizzed around on our boat to a little beach around the corner and were amazed… Continue reading

Odd Reflections

I’ve had a busy few days at home, enjoying trail bike rides, bubbles, baby playing, food and outings! Below are some pictures of the bush reflected in the car windows, some using a… Continue reading