Dear Friends,

You have my apologies, I have been on a long hiatus from this blog, but not, I’ll have you know, from photography. Many things have happened since I last wrote so I will give you a short summary. For 3 and a half weeks in September and October 2013 my mum and I travelled together to France and Spain. Being my first trip to Europe, I was utterly captivated by the extraordinary charm and breathtaking beauty of the cities and towns I visited. Spending that time with my mum was also very special and made the trip even more memorable. There is no way I could possibly show you the highlights in one post so I hope to show you the condensed version (there were 4800!) over a period of time. After that, it was back to the hectic life of school and then finally the summer holidays. With two weeks left of my holidays I’m getting a slightly sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about going back to school and being a senior. However, I have been enjoying the incredible sunshine, beach weeks and family antics very much, as well as Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Below are some watery photos from the past few weeks, taken in my new under water case which I am still perfecting the use of!

I hope you and yours are well and that you celebrated the new year with style and frivolity. May 2014 be a year of better timing and organisation for me and exciting things for all of us!

E x

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