Sweetly Serendipitous

A little bit of screaming, quite a bit of sunshine and a whole lot of fun! When spending the day out in Sydney, walking across the bridge, soaking in the views, showing our lovely French friend all the things to see, screaming on Luna Park rides, snacking on the pier, overcoming problems with teenage ingenuity, taking photos and laughing together… when one does all of that, not only does one have boundless amounts of fun but also many memories to keep.

The photos are views from the Harbour Bridge, amongst others from the height of the Ferris Wheel and the strolls through the crazy wonderland of Luna Park. The neon colours against backdrops of laughter, loud music, dancing feet, towering stilt clowns and fairy floss covered children. Who doesn’t love a little theme park fun?!

I had a wonderful day out and I thank my beautiful friends for making it so enjoyable.
At the culmination of a lovely day we were atop the Ferris wheel looking out over the harbour…and there appeared a ferry named Friendship. How sweetly serendipitous!

E x

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