When busy enters your weekend

A 4 day long weekend. One heck of a lot achieved!

I was awoken on Saturday by the laughter of my cousins, we drove out to a mate’s farm to look at the beautiful cattle and pick up sticks. No, not that fun game played on rainy days…the pick up sticks where you pick up huge branches for firewood after your dad has chopped down a MASSIVE tree! A car ride where my 6 year old coz took the cutest videos and I sung theme songs….a bush walk into the depths of an old coal mine and a pristine little pool of water, straight out of a spa ad! Who knew a day as tiring as that one, could be this fun or beautiful.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things: a fern in the water, learning how to skip stones, a child’s giggling, the colour of a rusty shed, the cuteness of a calf, the perfectness of a mushroom…that make a day memorable.

Thank you family, farm and forest…you made my long weekend fabulous!

E x

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