Dangerous Night Walks

The Nation’s Capital at night can be a dangerous place…I’m only kidding! I spent a lovely weekend in Canberra a few weeks back and enjoyed it immensely. We were walking home from dinner… Continue reading

Bright lights and big scares!

Ahhh the Easter Show. Who would miss it?! Well me apparently, since I haven’t been until now! It was an extremely fun day… a train ride, 6 friends, too much sugar, super scary… Continue reading

Same Same But Different

Same, same but different…A phrase my group of friends and I have been known to use more often than not after our trip to Vietnam and Laos last year. If you’ve travelled to… Continue reading

Bokeh Books

Some of you may be surprised to hear that a teenage girl like me reads books. Not only do I read books, and a lot of them, I read old ones too! Gasp… Continue reading

Odd Collection

When you’re an amateur like me….and you’re still experimenting to work out how ISO, shutter speed and aperture work…well, you come out with some odd collections of pictures! I had a whole day… Continue reading

Call Me A Cheater

I will admit straight out…I took these pictures about 5 months ago. Sorry, I know…but is it really that bad? You haven’t seen them yet! There are some from a plane ride, some… Continue reading

Discovering Home

You can live in one place all your life, as I have, and still discover new things every day. I may have ridden my bike down this dirt road almost every week of… Continue reading

Mr Lifesaver

Good old Wollongong beach, where the ships sit out on the horizon, each bigger than the one before. Where the surf crashes and the sand is packed with people after a sweltering day… Continue reading

Sideways Scuttles

Discovering new places and new creatures is always exciting, but discovering both in one is even better! We whizzed around on our boat to a little beach around the corner and were amazed… Continue reading

Odd Reflections

I’ve had a busy few days at home, enjoying trail bike rides, bubbles, baby playing, food and outings! Below are some pictures of the bush reflected in the car windows, some using a… Continue reading

Summer loving

Family. Sunshine. Swimming. Eating. Playing. Laughing. Jumping. Cooking. Singing. Sewing. Smiling. Photo taking. That’s been my holiday so far, as you can tell it’s been pretty darn amazing! I’ve been lazing in the… Continue reading

Aperture Revelations

I’ve been working on using all the funky manual settings on my camera, especially aperture. For these pictures below (I know…more flowers!), I used an aperture of 2.8, which really fades out the… Continue reading

Seagull Sunsets

Sunset walks along the beach are truly magical. The seagulls swooped and dipped above our heads, seemingly enjoying the peachy sky as much as we were. The photos are blurry, but I kind… Continue reading

ET phone home

Last night, after a sweltering day it┬ábucketed down with rain. The house seemed surrounded by rattling thunder and lightning flashed across our faces at the dinner table. My mum was the first to… Continue reading

Depth of flower patch

When you’re working small scale, depth of field is important. As is focus…or is that the same thing? Any how…some of these evening flower shots are not in focus, but that was the… Continue reading

City Secrets

I think I’ve discovered the secret to black and white photography. However I think if you go and read any other blog, or book, or website on the topic, you’ll quickly realise that… Continue reading

Old Habits

There is something about habits that makes them very hard to break…like taking pictures of flowers…especially after it’s rained. It’s how I fell in love with photography and I suppose I should appreciate… Continue reading

Spring Swirls

“There must be something more interesting than taking a photo of a flower with it in the centre of the shot” said I to myself on a windy Saturday afternoon. And I do… Continue reading

Shoes and Sunnies

Just chilling on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon, ideas swirl and suddenly you’re down on your knees taking pictures of your shoes and sunnies. Who knows what possessed you?! Shoes with holes… Continue reading

Tuk tuk riding

There’s something very special about travelling. The moments that you just happen upon that will stay with you for a lifetime. I’m just home from my three week trip to Vietnam and Laos… Continue reading