The BS on “Texture”


We use the term so loosely in the art and photography world. What do we mean by it? Why do we say it? Is it important? Can you see texture, or is it something you can only feel?

To me…Texture is layers. Texture is movement. Texture is pattern. Texture is something that we see in a flat image that makes us want to reach out and touch it, or just unconsciously know what it would feel like. Texture is important because it makes photos real, it puts us in the place without moving any further than where we’re sitting right now. Texture is in real life and to capture that in photos makes the picture zing. Zing. That’s a word I just made up!

Sydney is full of so called “texture”. It’s in the harbour waves, in the brick work and in the sunlight.

I hope you feel it too and wonder perhaps how I took some of these photos…because that’s a whole other story. The Mystery!

E x

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