Stop taking photos!

“Stop taking pictures E!” said my cousin. Not getting enough attention obviously, or perhaps I wasn’t playing ninjas well enough or he was sick of me saying “SMILE!”. I’ve been out west for a week enjoying the glorious days, flies, red dirt and family time. I filled my days with driving, being an irrigation assistant, eating, reading, playing ninjas, counting cows, talking, making sure the pet lizards didn’t escape and finding lost machinery parts. There is something very special about that country, you’ve got to be a special person to live there…but it gets under your skin as well as onto it (mud, dirt, sweat, tears and dust).

It’s the little things that I wanted to capture…because the great expanses of farm land and sheds don’t look the same in a photo. I hope you have a place like this near to where you live, because once visited you come away completely awed for the people, animals and the land.

E x

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